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Nike Fanny Packs

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Accessorize: Nike Edition

It’s unclear if Bill Bowerman saw the future of Nike as it is today. When he conceived the brand with Phil Knight in 1964, Nike was built with one thing in mind: performance. The question then was always “how can we help them perform better?” Over the years, Bowerman has seamlessly merged style and science to create products that go the extra mile.

From design to performance, Nike has expanded to become a brand that lives within the stratosphere of icons. Nike may have started with shoes and basic gear for athletes, but today it’s a top-to-bottom wardrobe staple that lives in every closet. It’s not just about shoes, it’s about everything from sweatshirts, sweatpants, Windrunner, and more — more, as in accessories.

Always in the Bag

Nike likes to keep style where we can see it. Whether it’s eye-level with a T-shirt or jacket, or the finishing touch — the brand’s fashion sense has never been in question. But if we’ve ever been grateful for a Nike launch, it’s one that involves the all-time accessory made for everyone: the fanny pack.

Nike doubled down on the classic belt bag with collections that speak to any style or mood. Nike’s F.C. Hip Pack Swoosh, for instance, is an emboldened version of the everyday fanny pack. A compact, streamlined silhouette makes it an easy option for pairing with any outfit. Zippered pockets and a strap that can be adjusted make it practical, blending fashion and function in one fell swoop.

For Everyday Use

The Nike Essentials Hip Pack is a modern iteration of the fanny pack. This bag, however, casually drapes over the shoulder (as opposed to being wrapped around the waist). Despite the differences in style, functionality and practicality are still there. With its convenient strap and effortless array of colors to choose from, there’s literally no wrong way to wear it with your outfits.

If you're looking for another option that's easy to put on and walk out the door, consider the Nike Sport Crossbody. With its various pockets, it's perfect for carrying all of the compact items you need to get through the day in style. Having the Nike Sport Crossbody will allow you the comfort to do what you need to do without worrying about it falling off your shoulder or needing readjustment.