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adidas Track Jackets

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Right on Track
That the tracksuit’s roots can be traced to an actual track should come as no surprise. Throughout the 1960s, the matchy-matchy suits were all the rage, as budding sprinters pounded the pavement in sleek outfits that looked like they’d been ripped from the pages of a catalog. They were often bright and colorful, with clean lines and stripes along the sides that, even today, are inarguably reminiscent of running.

We largely have adidas to thank for this. When the legendary brand launched its track collection in 1967, it was to great fanfare — and a totally game-changing collaboration with a beloved German soccer player. Suddenly, track jackets were everywhere. The piece emerged as a key player in fashion circles, a true streetwear staple that looked just as appropriate with jeans as with matching track pants.

Anywhere, Everywhere
It was pretty rare for anything athletic to make such a powerful crossover, but adidas captured the one enduring trait that everyone agreed was essential in their outerwear: pure comfort. It was really that simple, and it was why so many grabbed their nylon jackets as they headed out the door — to class, to the gym, to chill with friends, to run errands. It was a simple choice that wasn’t married to any particular trend, and it was available in dozens of colors, all featuring the ever-reliable adidas Trefoil logo and Three-Stripes that instantly elevated its profile without being too ostentatious or showy.

Those signature details alone set it apart, but modern edits capture the essence of what adidas does best. Innovation has always been a core part of their ethos, and a glance at the adidas track jackets collection is proof enough that there’s plenty of room for variety. Designed for men and women, these jackets range from simple and straightforward to bright and outrageous.

Make a statement in a cropped track jacket that looks perfect with wide-leg track pants for a cool and balanced look. Keep things fun and contemporary in an adidas Originals track jacket featuring a jumbo Trefoil logo — it’s fresh and subversive, yet honors the brand in the best way possible. Try a printed version if you want to step outside the box just a little. With a wide array of colors and patterns available, you’ll find the perfect style to complement your wardrobe.