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Nike Windbreakers | Men's and Women's

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For Runners and Weekenders

Not just for the runners anymore, Nike windbreaker jackets look as at home on a weekend out as they do on a runner decked out in head-to-toe Nike gear.

As Classic as It Gets

First released in 1978, the Nike Windrunner Windbreaker brought Nike apparel into the public consciousness at a time when they were known only for shoes. Truly a running brand at the time, Nike windbreakers started out as lightweight, comfortable running jackets for cool days and light rain. They’ve kept the breathable mesh lining, ribbed cuffs, and chevron design on the chest that made windbreakers a staple for decades.

Hold Out Water and Wind

Nike windbreaker jackets are the perfect layer for spring and fall, because they take the bite out of cool wind and have a water-resistant finish that can hold out some rain. They’re not a dedicated rain coat, but they will help you stay dry on a weekend out or if you’re out for a short run. However, there are some versions of the Nike Windrunner that are designed for colder weather.

Stay Warm and Cozy

Look for Sherpa fleece or Therma-Fit Windrunner jackets from Nike to stay warm during cold weather. These jackets are thicker and warmer than a classic windbreaker but are not a replacement for a winter coat. Think about layering up in subzero temperatures with a fleece under your coat for cozy comfort and throwback style pulled right from the ’70s.