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Kids' Boots

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Comfort First
Come rain, come snow, come anything the day brings, a great pair of kids’ boots is essential to any child's wardrobe. These heavy-duty shoes for kids are designed with their all-day comfort in mind. Your savvy adventurers are all about navigating new ground, after all. They’re exploring and running and jumping and playing, which means it’s on you to find footwear that meets their needs. The right boots do it all so you can be confident that the kids remain steady on their feet while they’re spending time in the great outdoors.

No Playing
No more games — at least not where quality footwear is concerned. Good looks? Sure, they matter, but it’s all about finding that perfect balance. The best of both worlds means finding boots that are tough and durable, designed to handle all the little scrapes that kids get into, and versatile enough to pair well with everything from jeans and joggers to sweatpants and leggings.

Because there’s no playing around here. Leave that to the kids. Brands like Timberland are here for the younger set, creating pint-sized versions of their best-selling, rubber-sole boots. They’re as sturdy as they are stylish, with thick outsoles that keep children steady on their feet while they’re running on the playground and playing tag in the backyard.

All about that cozy comfort? They’ll love a pair of UGG Classic boots. With warm, plush lining, these boots are perfect for those chilly days and are practical to wear just about anywhere. There are even baby UGG boots to get the wee ones started on the right foot.

For the kids who prefer something with more of an athletic flavor, consider something from the Nike lineup. With the same clean lines and stylish aesthetics as their kicks, these boots are emblazoned with the ever-familiar Swoosh logo, along with details like rubber outsoles and lace-up closures. The result? A boot with sneaker-like sensibilities that you can trust will feel just as good as they look.

Then there’s the sheer variety of it all. Look for the neutrals that pair well with everything in your child's closet. Find bright colors to indulge their playful streaks. There’s a little bit of something for every kid in this wide and varied selection of comfortable boots.