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Kids' Jordan Retro 1

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Before the Rest
The Jordan Retro 1 is a legend. The Air Jordan 1 was the shoe that launched a million dreams. It produced one of the greatest sneaker stories of a generation. It celebrated a basketball icon who needs no introduction. Even without His Airness at the helm, there would be no doubt of the shoe’s impact on the game.

It was a revolutionary sneaker — a shoe that quite literally changed the game, both for Jordan himself and for the thousands upon thousands who drew inspiration from his magical moves on the court. When Nike introduced the original in 1985, it sold out in a flash. It was the start of something equally magical off-court — a footwear phenomenon, really, that transformed the way people viewed kicks.

The Jordan Retro 1 wasn’t just athletic wear or a basic wardrobe necessity. This sneaker was a collectible. And it was only the first in a line of countless other sneakers that found people lining up for miles to snag a pair of their own.

Retro Appeal
That old-school appeal isn’t lost on kids. Even the younger set can glean appreciation for what Jordan did for the game. Who can forget those iconic images of the legendary player soaring through the air? Who could ever come close to that level of greatness? Wearing a pair of Kids’ Jordan Retro 1s brings a kid just a step closer to making those on-court dreams a reality.

The modern version has that serious vintage flavor coupled with contemporary additions that transform it into a coveted must-have-now shoe. It’s all about high-grade cushioning that amplifies comfort, sending kids soaring while they shoot threes like they’ve been doing it forever.

That they look right at home with everything else in the Jordan collection is the clincher. A pair of Retro 1s is pure perfection with adjustable Jordan shorts and breezy T-shirts and effortless jerseys. They’re game-day essentials and are just as appropriate to wear off the court. They offer true championship style no matter where they go.