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Men’s UGG Shoes Bring Comfort Home

Born in Australia and raised on the beaches of Southern California, UGG has taken its unique look across the country and around the world. Men’s UGG shoes carry that same surf-inspired spirit into any climate and setting that might fit your style.

A Heritage of High Style

When the Australian founders of UGG hit the shores of Southern California, they brought their homeland love of sheepskin with them. It made for a unique look to footwear in the late ‘70s, and the wool lining surrounded feet in plush comfort. Men’s UGGs have remained a staple of fashionable and functional footwear.

Over the years, men’s UGG boots have evolved into a number of silhouettes beyond the original, the Classic Mini. That OG style started it all with its wool and foam inside a stitched 17mm sheepskin upper. The silhouette combines a certain ruggedness with what’s become a high-style, luxury look.

The men’s UGG collection includes looks to fit everything from a boardwalk to a boardroom, or even a bedroom. 

While silhouettes such as the Classic Mini evoke images of a beachside boardwalk, the Neumel brings to mind a more buttoned-up approach. A suede upper gives this mid-height shoe a versatile, hybrid look that works with dressed-down casual, or even a more formal play if you’re looking to switch up your look.

Slip-ons such as the Tasman, the Scuff Logo, or the Fluff It aren’t only for bedrooms, of course. They can go anywhere, but they evoke exactly that kind of kicked-back comfort. The Tasman features a suede upper with a braided ankle collar that’s extremely low-cut, while the Scuff and Fluff styles are all about wrapping your feet in fuzzy warmth.

Take it Outside

For heavier-duty outdoor usage, UGG boots include options such as the Butte and the Emmett duck boot. The Butte features a waterproof leather upper while retaining an UGG pure wool lining to keep your feet comfortable and dry. The Emmett duck boot has a ballistic canvas collar and a waterproof leather upper, but also a suede panel that mixes in some of that classic Neumel-inspired style.

You can find endless styles of men’s boots from UGG that suit your lifestyle at Foot Action.