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Dr. Martens Boots

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Step Right Up
Absolute icons of fashion, lifestyle, and pop culture, Dr. Martens boots need no introduction. They’ve made their mark in the world, appearing everywhere from music videos to film sets to red carpets. Naturally, what makes them so appealing to the masses is their ability to go well with everything, from streetwear to athletic wear. That dazzling bright yellow stitching along the side, coupled with the ever-familiar “AirWair” tag, are the trademarks everyone recognizes at a glance. But they’re only part of what makes those Docs so special.

Rebel Rebel
Staging a rebellion has always been left to the bold and fearless. You might call Dr. Martens boots the unofficial uniform of that set — those who don’t think twice, who make a business out of shaking things up and getting things done. It’s no wonder that they were the original work boots in 20th century England. Stable footwear fashioned with air-cushioned soles was downright revolutionary, unlike anything available before. The shoe became iconic for its series of eight eyelets, which ensured a better fit.

Eventually, it shifted from the boot of the working class to the ultimate streetwear companion. It was the perfect complement for that scaled back look favored by musicians and anyone who was all about utilitarian, no-fuss styles. The boots eventually found a home in nearly every genre and sect, from punk and glam rock to goth and ska. It was the great unifier — the one common element opposing worlds all agreed was worthy of the accolades.

Kicking It
There’s no way around them in the modern world. A great pair of Docs sets the stage for an incredible outfit. You can elevate the simplest of looks — think jeans and T-shirts — with your Dr. Martens boots. Go for the classic 1460 if you’re all about easy style, or try a pair in a bright color or a shimmery finish for a little pop. Add a little height in a pair of Shriver Hi or Rometty Platforms. Wear yours with anything and everything from leggings to dresses to joggers. With these boots in your closet, you’ll always have a go-to for any look.