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Dream Come True
It all started with a dream. Brian Smith knew he had something going when he arrived in Southern California in 1978 with nothing more than some sheepskin boots in his grasp. His was a fantasy of epic proportions: He knew SoCal for its laid-back approach to life and just-chill vibe, and he had a feeling he could tap into that sensibility in some way. One little detail that stood out was the distinct lack of sheepskin boots in the region. It was all Smith needed to know — and it lit the spark for UGG, his lifestyle-meets-fashion brand.

He grew the company with his sights set on creating hyper-casual, ultra-comfortable pieces that were both stylish and functional. Before long, UGG boots were everywhere. People wore them to the beach, on the boardwalk, out with friends, and even inside the house. They were symbolic of the ultimate low-key vibe for people of all ages.

Beyond Basics
What establishes greatness? Usually, it’s a willingness to go above and beyond — to inspire, to create, and to take risks. UGG did that in expanding its range to include more than just the basics.

Today, the lineup is full of boots that are still lifestyle-oriented and specifically designed to meet certain needs. It’s right in line with what Smith imagined for his brand. You’ll spy all kinds of footwear, like sturdy mid-profile boots that are great whether you’re dressing up or taking things casual. Throw them on with anything from jeans to khakis — they work well no matter what. These shoes fill that all-important gap in your wardrobe, providing you with a rugged and outdoorsy shoe that looks good wherever you’re going. These boots are more than worthy of a trek around the neighborhood!

Just as vital to your shoe collection? A great pair of rain boots, of course. Whether it’s actively pouring or you’ve managed to dodge the storms, you need something destined to keep you dry while you wait for the clouds to part. Rubber boots enhanced with a touch of interior sheepskin provide that all-important combination of comfort and style in one package. It all comes back to that dream Smith brought to life decades ago. With practical styles and durability always at the top of mind, there’s no way you can go wrong with a pair of UGG boots.