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Outdoor gear is important. It’s what keeps you going when the wind picks up, the snow starts to fall, and things generally take a turn for the uncomfortable. While jackets and scarves are essential, almost nothing keeps you safer out there than a sturdy pair of boots. Columbia has been in that game for decades now.

A family-run company, Columbia built its legacy on a commitment to excellence. This was evident from its start in the late 1930s, when the brand first introduced a line of hats. At the time, that was all Columbia produced. Before long, the company broadened its scope, creating game-changing items like waterproof jackets. Columbia's footwear revolution began in 1993 when it launched sturdy boots perfect for everything from hiking the trails to navigating snowy paths with ease.

Get the Boot
The great boot revolution was a big deal for Columbia, whose progression from humble hat makers to serious sportswear contenders was the stuff of all-American dreams. The lineup of heavy-duty footwear is a reflection of their commitment to quality. It’s evident in the robust designs that are built to stand up to everything from wet weather to tricky surfaces.

What’s in it for you? Think steadiness and style. These are boots with more than just functionality going for them. They’re also stylish, available in a wide range of colors that range from neutral and understated to bright and brilliant. Elevate your winter wear with an eye-popping colorblocked style. Or stick with a tried-and-true camouflage style that’s versatile enough to pair well with your Columbia jackets and pants.

If you’re dealing with snow, stick with a high-profile, tall-shaft boot that provides maximum coverage. Lower-profile varieties exude those casual, laid-back vibes that look right at home with everything from rugged jeans to khaki pants. You’ll stay steady on your feet while you navigate everything from challenging terrain to snowy grounds. As sturdy and robust as the outerwear that you grab at the first sign of winter, Columbia boots are destined to remain a key part of your cold-weather wardrobe for decades.

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