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Be a Rule Breaker

Giansevero Fila started a company selling underwear and textiles for the residents of his town in the Italian Alps in 1911. But it wasn’t until the brand transitioned 50 years later that FILA became a great success. After generous endorsements by various celebrities, FILA soon became a huge player in the luxury wear industry in the 1970s. Unlike other lines in the ’70s who only produced all-white clothing, FILA was the first to produce colored clothing. It was a bold move then, and the same rebellious spirit of Giansevero Fila lives on in the FILA brand today, where individuality is paramount. When you wear the FILA brand, you are sure to stand out and be noticed. With classic white sneakers, colorful show stoppers, and bold sandals, FILA’s footwear is the perfect combination of luxury, style, and approachability.

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