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Total Domination

It’s no surprise that Nike is the No. 1 selling shoe brand in the United States. Built for style as much as for sport, the sneakers’ unique design features lend them unparalleled cred in the land of sneakerheads. In fact, a pair of the 1972 Nike Waffle Racing Flat “Moon Shoes,” earned the distinction of most expensive sneakers ever sold at auction when Sotheby’s let the sneaks go for $475,000. While the prototype for those shoes scored its first-ever patterned soles with the help of a waffle iron (from co-founder Bill Bowerman’s kitchen), the brand has never shied away from the desire to break new fashion barriers in every arena. These days, however, it’s less about kitchen appliances and more about color blends, edgy hardware, playful soles, and material choices.