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Nike Air Max 95 Shoes

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Inspired By The Human Body

When it first debuted more than 20 years ago, Nike’s Air Max 95 featured unique details that had never been seen before. Designer Sergio Lozano drew inspiration from both human anatomy and erosion caused by wind and rain. The iconic layered panels resemble muscle fibers and vertebrae, while nylon eyelets and a distinct midsole emulate ribs and the human spine. Eye-catching gradients look like layers of rock that have been eroded by rain. The original model featured an unconventional grey gradient as well as a black midsole. These two key details were designed to minimize the appearance of wear-and-tear and keep the shoe looking fresh for longer.

To Swoosh or not to Swoosh?

Despite being one of the most recognizable silhouettes in the world today, the Air Max 95 prototype had a very noticeable difference — there was no Swoosh! Lozano didn’t want the iconic logo to distract from the unique undulating lines along the sides, and ultimately added the Swoosh as a small visual signature. This allowed Nike to still feature their iconic logo without overshadowing the exciting new model.

95s For The Whole Family

Nike’s Air Max 95 was the first shoe to feature a visible Air unit in the forefoot and has seemingly endless varieties for women, men, girls, and boys. This innovative outsole design diverged from classic running styles and set it apart from the rest. Air Max fans have especially fallen in love with the ’90s-inspired Hyper Jade/Bleached Coral model. Color palettes range from earthy to neon, retro to futuristic, and everything in between. No matter what your personal style is, Footaction has the Air Max 95 you’re looking for.