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Nike Air Max 97 Shoes

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At the Speed of Light

The most iconic thing about the Nike Air Max 97 is undoubtedly the wave that flows from front to back along both sides of the shoe. Sneaker designer Christian Tresser was struck by the speed and aerodynamics of Japanese bullet trains and decided to bring that streamlined look to a pair of shoes. It made even more sense when the Air Max 97 first released, because they were the latest running shoes from Nike. Decked out with all the newest technology, these shoes were at the height of running fashion (and function). Today, these kicks are just for style.

The Silver Bullet

One of the most popular colorways is the “Silver Bullet.” Channeling the original bullet train inspo, these kicks shine with silver from top to bottom – you can almost see the wind whipping along the sides. Other popular colors that have released over the years include all-gold and platinum white.

Styles and Sizes for the Whole Fam

These kicks are available for men, women, and kids in a full range of sizes so everyone can have a pair. (They run true to size, so you don’t have to stress over which pair to buy.)

Aside from having a look that draws attention, these shoes are comfortable and easy to wear. A hidden lacing system maintains the sleek look and a full-length Air Max unit offers plush comfort with every step.

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