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Nike React Shoes

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Taking Notice of Nike React Shoes

What does it mean to take notice? For Nike, the answer is simple: give the masses exactly what they need. The designers noted that there was a big gap in the wide world of running shoes. People wanted more of everything — more cushioning, more energy return, more support, and more style. Enter Nike React, a lightweight sneaker that changed the game the moment it hit the shelves.

The hoopla surrounding React was worth it in more ways than one. Nike managed to produce a shoe that delivered serious bounce with every step — without weighing it down with the typical hard elements that felt rigid or uncomfortable. React featured foam that was as soft as it was stable, so it added another layer of comfort to the runner’s world. Add to that its serious fashion appeal, and suddenly it seemed like everyone was rocking a pair.

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These are so much more than a standard pair of men’s Nike running shoes. Check the selection of diverse colors, which range from neutral to vibrant. There’s a pair of sneakers here for everyone, from the kid who wants something lively and bold to wear to class to the professional who doesn't mind rocking a fierce pair of shoes while walking to the office.

Just like Nike basketball shoes, these sneakers own any surface. Neon shades, energetic colorblocks, crisp whites, and fun combinations make React a creative and playful choice for men, women, and kids alike. From flexible Nike Flyknit shoes to the chunky Presto and beyond, the React collection is packed with kicks that look great with shorts, jeans, sweatpants, and everything in between.

It’s easy to make any look your own when you rock a pair of Nike React shoes. Bold and practical at once, they check all the boxes. After all, there’s nothing better than a pair of sneakers that feels as comfy as your favorite cozy socks — and adds a pop of undeniable style to your look at the same time.