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Nike Air Vapormax Plus Shoes

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Hints of the Past
Great styles are created when history informs fashion. There’s no doubt that was the case when the Nike crew shook things up with the Nike Air VaporMax Plus shoe. As dynamic as the 1998 original, the new version of the sneaker features modern elements that distinctively set it apart from its predecessor. Yet there’s no denying that old-school flavor makes these kicks fresh and fierce. Taking it back to yesteryear has never been so fun.

Fun in the Sun
Laid-back vibes, incoming. As if being totally comfortable wasn’t enough, the Air Vapormax Plus has something else going for it: serious tropical influence. The OG model was designed with sunsets, palm trees, and beaches in mind. The squiggly “rays” beaming along the sides of the shoe will remind you that you can find serenity anywhere if you look hard enough.

When the Air VaporMax Plus was released in 2018, honoring the 20th anniversary of the original, it was to great fanfare — largely because of that "sunny" inspiration that made the shoe so popular from the start. With all the hallmarks of the first model, this amped-up, modernized version offers even more cushioning and support thanks to hyper-comfortable, lightweight materials and enduring traction.

Walking on Air
Heavy-duty engineering may set the Air VaporMax Plus apart from the rest, but all you’ll notice is the way it fits seamlessly into your wardrobe. Offering the efficiency of an athletic shoe coupled with the effortless appeal of your favorite streetwear, these kicks are made for everything. They look right at home with your tried-and-true Nike hoodies and joggers, jerseys and shorts, or easy dresses.

Mixing it up is what it’s all about — and Nike makes it super easy with a selection of sneakers available in an array of colors ranging from simple and understated to bright and downright mesmerizing. Take your pick! There’s an Air VaporMax Plus shoe for you no matter what your vibe. No question about it: You’ll be walking on air all day long.