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Label Key English(en)
Form Title formTitle ORDER STATUS
'Order Number' Label orderNumberLabel Order Number,Order Number
'Order Number' Placeholder orderNumberPlaceholder 000-0000-000-00000
'Email Or Customer Number' Label emailOrCustomerNumber Email Address /Customer Number
'Email Or Customer Number' Placeholder emailOrCustomerNumberPlaceholder
'Note On Order Number' Message noteOnOrderNumber If your order number begins with a 'G' , it will not work in this lookup screen.Please refer to your order confirmation email for the order number to use on this page.If you have not yet received your order confirmation email.please contact our customer service department for assisatnce.
'Submit Button' Label submitButtonText Submit
Email Required Message emailRequiredMessage Please enter your e-mail address or customer number
Order Number Required Message orderNumberRequiredMessage Invalid Order number
Invalid Email Or Customer Number Message invalidEmailOrCustomerNumber Invalid e-mail address/customer number